Partial inground pools

partial inground pools

With so many more options available for someone that is interested in having an inground pool installed in their backyard, more people are taking the plunge every day. In fact, inground pools are now constructed out of a variety of materials other than concrete, which makes them easier then ever to have installed.

However; just because you have selected one of the inground pools that is not constructed from concrete doesn’t mean that it won’t entail a good measure of labor to have installed. What it does mean though, is that you can in fact do it yourself if you can muster up a little help.

Excavation is the first step. There are plenty of heavy equipment operators that would be willing to do the work for you by the hour, so call around and ask their price. If you or someone that you know has the skills to operate a backhoe, one can be rented also but you or them really do have to know how to operate one.

Begin by leveling the general area where you are going to have the inground pool installed and then make sure it is compacted. Then using string, some stakes and simple geometry mark out the shape of the pool using marking lime. Do your best to make sure that the person doing the digging does as clean as job as possible but even then there will still be some hand shovel work when the job is done.

Larger rocks and boulders can be a big problem and if your area is prone to them you may want to consider an above ground pool. Small and medium sized boulders can be dug up and dragged out but giant ones have to be blasted, which can be quite expensive to have done. One way to test for them is to drive stakes into the ground or you can use a post hole digger to dig down and look for them.

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